About Us

About Us

The Origins of TochiBags

TochiBags was founded by award winning entrepreneur Tochukwu Mbiamnozie, who has an amazing story of his own. Mr. Mbiamnoze who is also the founder of Tucci Polo Inc., luxury shoe Store immigrated to the United States to create a unique place in the fashion industry, building on his passion, experience and his goal of creating a business that gave back to the community.

Mr. Mbiamnozie completed an MBA in International Business from the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut where he received the 2015 Academic Achievement Award for Outstanding GPA of 3.96. He was also awarded the Comcast Business Innovation 4 Entrepreneur New England Award of $10,000, Also received the 2017 Rising Star Award from the University of Bridgeport, nominated for the 2020 small business person of the year award, Won the 2021 Affirm Inc., Holiday Merchant Co-Marketing contest award of $25,000 and lastly Won the 2022 Houston Texas small business person of the year award.

As the owner of TochiBags, Mr. Mbiamnozie wanted to create something truly different from the leather goods and accessories on the market today. His vision was for an independently owned company that offered a line of lifestyle luxury items for both men and women. This was the inspiration for the leather bags, belts and accessories offered by TochiBags today.

At the heart of TochiBags is the desire to give back to the community, creating jobs, empowering youths and working to be a role model, Mr. Mbiamnozie strives to help others. He relies on his faith in God, his business skills and his passion for learning business techniques that are innovative, effective and organized. His message to those facing challenges, as he did in creating a lifestyle luxury line, is to be patient, believe in yourself and stay inspired to achieve your goals.

Located in Houston TX, we sell and ships our leather bags all across America and worldwide. We go extra miles in the selection of every bag we sell which is guaranteed to last for a lifetime if taken care of well. This is attributed to the type of leather used in crafting every bag we sell.

We believe on the positive impact a quality goods will make in your life and we honor the arts that produce these finest goods. It takes a lot of hard work to produce every bag on our website so we are proud of every bags we carry and so you will once you receive them.

The peerless vision for TochiBags is that of an independent, inimitable destination for luxury lifestyle leather goods items that thoughtfully range from bags of all types, briefcases, laptop bags, travel bags and stand-out handbags to the finest in accessories. Each world-class leather item is curated with the spark of innovation and intention and is hand-crafted by skilled artisans and professionals with an eye towards uncompromising beauty and style and exquisite attention to detail.

In the category of luxury bags designed with global aspirations, TochiBags offers leather bags of all types, to serve a wider swath of humanity. Many options are ready to ship which takes approximately 3-7 business days to ship out to customers all around the world.

Now available across the globe, TochiBags continues to captivate and connect lovers of fine fashion with both classic and modern styles with an elegant twist and a leading edge in international fashion and luxury. TochiBags encompasses refinement with its every step forward.